About Fixer Ukraine

My name is Dima Kolchinsky. Also I can be found as Dmytro Kolchynskyy in some spots of the web. I have a 20-year track of work on television and almost 10 years of working as a fixer / local producer/ production manager for foreign media companies in Ukraine. I do journalism and direct for Ukrainian television. But for the last couple of years there’s much less time left for the Ukrainian media for the reason that there is certain scarcity of pro fixers in Ukraine added to the constant interest in the country connected to the events of Maidan and war at the East.

I have Western media education from one of the 10 top-ranked Media Arts programs in the US which is Ohio University Media Arts (aka Telecommunications) Masters Program and one of the best journalism programs in Ukraine which is University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Masters Program in Journalism.

I’ve started my fixer / producer activities for the Western television and film crews during the events of the Orange Revolution in 2004.

IMDB record for Dima Kolchinsky is here

Please also visit worldfixer.com to see my rankings and references from the people I worked with.

Dima’s film & TV directorial showreel can be watched here



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